sleeping all day so i can stay up all night

my date last night. solid.

good advice

for adam. wanna go to this?

my chart.

let me transcribe:
“went to concert 4d ago
head banged during it x 1hr
next day – upper neck/ trap pain
No numbness/tingling
No meds

some stuff here i cant read

Trap Strain/mild whiplash (she told me it was medium to severe!)

BAHAHAHAHAAHAH that was for you Maris. laugh on family. laugh on.

and here's my little noodle head

aw he's so dopey


kay zee said...

You never cease to amaze me.
WHIPLASH at a metal concert? Joe must be so proud!

m said...

i wouldn't be laughing if it resulted in brain damage. phewph!