aaaaaand that was pretty much the best party night of my life.

obviously can't give you the full blown details/pictures but here's some shots (thank you hayley!) for you to get jiggy with. na na na na na na.

the setup

my soon to be sister in law Rachael is to thank for this ridiculously perfect outrageously fun night.

started off in a hotel suite

complete with a serious full bar, porn star inspired name tags, pizza, cock cakes, antijitos, spinach dip and pumpernickel bread, doritos and THE BEST LITTLE CREW OF LADIES EVER!

My kit for the night.

the photo before i flashed everyone my heart shaped leopard print nipple stickies (thank you K!)!

sorry you don't get the full flash. my family reads this thing.

mandatory blue steel pic.

cutting of the cockcakes!

and we're off to MINT nightclub for some hiphop, reggae, soca, old school dance party fun!

roooooolllllll in.

get set up in our booth

and then got down.



(he kept that suit on the whole time, obvi.)

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Alyson said...

So those pink... leggings? make my life.