Last night I went for my second dress fitting - well the first fitting which was after the taking measurements part. It was in the ghatto and cost me $450!!! Apparently because it was a rush job and also because we're doing a little bit of a major alteration to a portion of it (and also probably because I just got screwed cause I didn't have time to source anyone cheaper). Anyways it looks friggin fantastic and she did an amazing job. All the seams still need to be sewn together but the major alteration part worked exactly as we had envisioned. Brap! brap!

My brother came as well. I couldn't tell from his face but I think he liked it. It was also kinda half complete though so not really exactly how it will look on the day. ANYWAYS, then we took my ma out for sushi for her bday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MA! You are a friggin fox and I hope the genes have been passed on so I look as foxy as you when I'm up in that age arear.

So when we sat down for sushi my broskee was all 'I gotta show you that Phoenix vid'

He had bbm'd me the other night saying something along the lines of 'wait till I show you what happened at the phoenix show tonight, it was epic'

Takes out his Ipod and gives us the preamble (I may screw this up I have a horrible memory):

"so me and a bunch of buddies go to the Phoenix show the other night at the ricoh centre. We had pretty decent seats off to the left of stage. Show was friggin amazing. So when they go off the stage and then come back for the encore (one of his friends mentions that he was kinda bummed cause they didn't play 1901) I notice the lead singer heads in a different direction, off the stage, into the audience and towards us... All the other guys were watching the rest of the band play on stage, so I don't think they realized the lead singer was heading towards us.... So I keep following him and he is getting closer and closer to our area, then he hops over the bars and rolls up right into our row and wait for it........

Pushes me aside and stands on MY chair to sing the friggin encore! I GOT IT ALL ON VIDEO."

Um AMAZING? I got chills. I love friggin band stories! (remind me to tell you about my friend Brent who met Thom Yorke backstage last year)

So without further ado....



Duke of Spook said...

Whoa good video. Did you touch his butt?

Kwil said...


m said...

he had B-O