rethinking today

today was one of those days where i was secretly smacking myself for not going into Fashion or crafts and design.

so instead of dealing with advertising bullshit i'd be sweating through my clothes in front of the glory hole making something siiiick or putting my final touches on some sexy frock. siiigh in due time i suppose. im only 28 for fuck sakes. i could potentially have 4 more serious careers before i retire.

so we ordered HBO and TMN. holy crap is HBO good. or is it showtime? what does the package include i dont even know? anyways it has successfully made me enjoy tv on a whole other level. bite the bullet friends. get into this groove. and ladies, do yourself a favor and grab yourself some kind of chocolate and watch some spartacus. you can thank me later for that reco.


Kwil said...

Every passing minute is a chance to turn it all around.


Highwaisted said...

aw kwil, thanks but i actually absolutely love my job, even the tough days. all part of the package.

:) how's the world of unemployment? do you want me to send you some things to do for my wedding. hahahahahahahahahaa

ok half serious. hahahaha

Raymi Lauren said...

you are driven and dedicated. very admirable.

Highwaisted said...

thanks raym's!