another post about my wedding. sorry it's all the material i got these days. CONSUMING MY LIFE.

went for our dessert tasting last night after i:
rode my bike uptown for an hour.
picked up a swatch of my dress so i can match some other shiz to it.
then my gear shift broke halfway there, uphill in the middle of the worst traffic ever.
so i had to ride the rest of the way on the toughest gear, showed up just before the store closed, sweating my face off, while they continued to 'joke' with me that my dress might not make it in time for the wedding. FUNNY! so. not. funny.

then walked my bike to the subway, then had to carry it on my shoulder down 3 flights of stairs and then up like 7 flights of stairs.

arrive home for a 20 minute shower/change and then grab a cab to the tasting. my life is moving in fast forward lately.

get to the venue, they have the cutest reserved spot for us at the bar, order a crab cake, get a glass of wine and then indulge in some of the most adorable desserts ever.

here's a picture of the crab cake. quite possibly the best crab cake i have ever eaten. sorry mom, this thing was amazing.

this outfit deserved better photos.

tonight we hit up the art battle!! see you there?

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