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So despite having to work on Friday and Sunday for a few hours (big photoshoot next week and new client craziness), easter long weekend was fairly radical. Jogee took me on a little surprise date on Saturday morning to artscape wychwood barns . magical. really. I don't know how he does it, but he always manages to find spots that i completely fall in love with. There was an artist there that I will hopefully get to work with in the future. I love her style. that website doesn't really show you any of her work. but if you're bored enough you should google her or something. anyways... there was this serious farmers market going on as well that jogee didn't know about which made the date even more perfect. scrambled egg sandwiches and tons of free samples, a jar of hot pickles, sweet potato dips, olive buns, a vanilla date smoothie and we had to call it a day and start heading to Niagara for dinner with the fam. I highly highly recommend going there, especially if you have little babes, cause there is this ridiculously stellar park that you can party in and if you hold off till the summer, a really really sick water pad thing. Oh and a dog park and tons and tons of granola heads/hippydippy's all over the place. I think i was probably a major hippy in another life cause hanging out in places like this feels really close to home for me. anyways check out the scene...

rad huh. lots of characters in there too, which i wish i could have taken up close shots of.. namely... the chocolate granola bar guy, the pickle guy, the bread guy (he dropped 2 of the buns i wanted while trying to get them in the bag), and the old ladies that saved seats for their lost husbands. cute!


raymi lauren said...

i love for those scenes. have you walked through wychwood park yet (the hidden exclusive mansion naybe right beside the barns?)

raymi lauren said...


Chlo said...

that space is so neat! I wish it opened before I left. actually your description of the vendors pretty much reminds me of any given saturday market here. kooky, crunchy, crafty etc.
oh and yeah- I second raymi's wychwood park (mansion area) recommendation. beautiful houses, neat history.
oh and I'll email you back soon I promise