cat world.

i just realized i've only been talking about this on fb. I HAVE A CAT RIGHT NOW GUYS! just borrowing one from my moms friend. ya know feelitout rollwithit see if we like it. so far i love this little dude. she doesn't meow a lot. she hides a lot. there isn't a mass amount of fur everywhere. good times. i hope she kinda comes out and hangs more though. like its cool that she has her alone time but come on man rub on my leg or something. pretty hilarious little trip to pick her up. we drove out to o town and had a glass of wine with her parents then packed her up and set her up in the back seat, where she barfed her brains out within the first 10 minutes... then when we hit the highway she took a douce. HAD to open our windows the stink was so bad. but she just had nervous shits ya know. new car, bumpy ride, scary people... thats what happens. anyways it was all good cause everything she expelled was solid. so easy clean up ya know.. just took the towel outta the carrier shook it out into the toilet and voila! clean. I'll take a mug shot of her soon enough. she's all chubby and orange and has these big adorable eyes and a nervous nature. so thats that news...

im also taking on some serious bizness at work these days. not gonna lie its trippin me up a bit, but an email/gchat from chlo and im pretty much all ego all the time again. thanks buddy. move back to toronto. MOVE BACK TO TORONTO.

today was 14 degrees. i only got to enjoy about 20 minutes of it though. life of a big wig. kinda a buzz kill. but there's lots of warm days ahead of me that im sure ill also miss... i mean... get to enjoy with a brew in hand and kini on body. woo!

jogee and i decided to hit salad king tonight. they have that thai food down pat man. they know the scene. jogee got golden tofu and i got bangkok stir fry. mainly for the name. bangkok. hahahahaha. classic.

i tried on a few pairs of jeans at the levi store while we waited for them to fry that shit up yo. apparently im a size 2 and a size 6. what kinda bullshit is that? obviously i was fully down on buying the size 2. but held back and decided to save my coinage for that snake skin promise i made a couple weeks ago.

lots of reading up in this piece. sorry guys. here's some hilarious photos of me and Laura. we took about 1800, these ones made the cut.

from up high! from up high!


rizabeff said...

I tried gchatting your shit today and you were not there - it was re: that email I sent you. tomorrow?

meredith r. mistletoe said...


I feel like they make life better. Or maybe just make me appreciate it more.

If you are uncertain of committing, I very much recommend fostering -- all the loving without the vet bills!

But I also have two very very cute cats (one mumma and one tiny baby) who need homes... if you're interested

haha, also whenever we transport my friend's cat he always makes one single, hard turd in the carrier. Always. It's terribly funny to me.

Too much about cats all the time!

Vee said...

golden tofu at salad king is so freaking good.

raymi lauren said...

i do not dig on the salad king atmosphere but their food is bang on. your cat barf/deuce story made me lol. aw.

Chlo said...

bit by bit you're breaking me down. I'll be back. my favorite thing at salad kind was to order it a level or two too spicy and then get a side of rice, mix it in and ta-da, two meals, one for later!