the gap has this ridiculous sale on sweaters right now. i bought 4 of them. they were 7 bucks each. major score. i am featured wearing one in these photos. we kicked it last night at dee's then hit up mike and caitlin's new pad. so friggin dope that they live downtown now. dee's was pretty perfect, despite me having to work late and being an hour late, but jogee held down the fort for me. this guy chris shepherd, not radio pirate mix chris shepherd but this other much cooler guy that i used to work with came. shannon weaseled him into it, and man sooo good she did cause we all had the raddest time. kickin back, talking tunes, chugging organic beers. then we booked it to m and c's to check out their new digs. very very modern cool. wicked amazing view and the best buzzer description I've seen.

jogee bought growers coolers to try and send himself back to highschool. i love how everyone who remembers drinking those things can always recall barfing their brains out after.


beans said...

i def barfed from those at LEAST once! your sweater is sooooo cute!

raymi lauren said...

do they (gap) have cardigans too?

highwaisted said...

yup lots of cardigans, i got 2!