i promise I'll stop stealing your photos soon hannah.

jack astors patio that looks onto yonge dundas square is pretty solid. you lose sun around 4pm though. keep that in mind. actually maybe till 5 if you're closer to the east end of patio. our waiter was very congenial. he said i look like rumer willis. that is the second time i have heard that. i usually get ashley simpson (before the nose job) really? rumer willis? he said he worked with her on some movie set all last summer (ie. im an actor, im not just a jack astors waiter, not that there's anything wrong with that, he probably makes more money then most managers/directors/presidents even) and that she is super nice and friendly and really pretty in person. awwww i'd go back and buy beers from that guy again.

ok maaaaaybe he's onto something...

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kay zee said...

yah but you are less square and much prettier