move over martha

my mom held a babay shower on the weekend for mariska. i was in charge of games, but i cracked under pressure and had a panic attack pretty much 10 minutes into the first game and then couldn't fulfill my duties for the remainder of the day. sorry ma, i have panic issues! everything else seemed to run incredibly smoothly. you will notice how dedicated and crafty my mommers is in these photos. she did EVERYTHING herself. can you imagine what my wedding will be like? intense.


Sophie said...

All I read was... bla bla bla... what my wedding will be like...bla..bla..bla...
LOL... so when IS your wedding? Its like the ONLY time I see the family, is at family functions

Love ya!

raymi lauren said...

gorgeous all of it and you look like a twig (nice!) ok you have inspired me to not dress like a cray cra today for my family function thing.