Man's best friend

I think I want a dog so I looked up almost every dog in the world and came up with this list of ones I liked.
Bernese Mountain Dog
Black Russian Terrier
Chinese Imperial Dog
Chow Chow
Finnish Spitz
Glen of Imaal Terrier
Golden Retriever
Great Pyrenees
Icelandic Sheepdog
Kerry Blue Terrier
Russo-European Laika
Nove Scotia Dock-Tolling Retriever
Slovac Cuvac
Welsh Terrier
I like the Newfoundland dog the best. Look at this guy.


Lauren C. said...

my mom has a Leonburger and he is the best thing ever. I spoon him whenever I am home and he is more like a small horse than a dog. He's awesome.

Anonymous said...

blah, what about brussels griffon!

highwaisted said...

yeah jogee what about the brussels griffons????

lauren - omg dog spooning, soooooooooo goooooooooooood

Anonymous said...

what about a finni. she doesn't drool like some of your choices;)

highwaisted said...

find us a finni and we'll take her

beans said...

chow chow!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

SHAR-PEI! what the hell? Hottest dog ever excluded from the list? completely anti-social... and soooo cute.

but side note: do not get a dog... unless you have responsible adults in your life that will look after it when you decide to be reckless for a full weekend/year.


highwaisted said...

we want something big and fluffy, like really fluffy and that lets you do whatever you want to it, like squish it all the time. :)