girls night out not so much

so jogee's going to a stag this friday and i thought hey! i should have a girls night out! I have never had one of these in my life. like not even in college i don't think. All my best friends were usually dudes, and not that that's the case now, but i dont know, girls nights always seem pretty lame to me. anyways i decided to have one, ya know get down with the ladies i hardly ever see or ones that i'd like to get to know better, but apparently all my lady friends have lives and plans already. Like this invite is pretty hilarious. I invited 65 chicks, close buds, kinda close buds, friends of friends that i like and think are hilarious and acquaintances. I have 5 that have said there attending. 5. that's a pretty brutal ratio don't you think? but kudos to the ones that posted a reason why they cant make it. anyways i think i'll just trash the whole girls night out idea from now on, or i guess until im like 55 and need to get away with the girls cause my life is ridiculously stressful. ANYWAYS, i know half of you guys read this, so it's still on... i'll probably just chill at home and drink some beers and talk about james franco and brad pitt by myself. give myself a manicure/pedicure, get jimmer to do my hair, and have shots with the 82 year old neighbour. she's probably down with it. oh maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan


beans said...

we need a girls night out in the village for sure. only thing is, mike comes to these everytime! he's better at being a girl than me anyway

kay zee said...

jimmer is a girl?