apres ski (how do you put an accent on the e?)

This was a completely magical day. just look at that weather. solid sunshine, clear blue skies. it was perfect. that caesar that i had was pretty unbelievable. i could have done without the chunks of horseradish but def a 9 for taste and spicyness. Matt! Markus! I miss you! wanna drink a beer this weekend somewhere? We tried to find a spot to build a sick fort around here (none of us were boarding/skiing, lift tickets are 60 bucks bro! that's ridiculous. what kind of family can afford a day on the slopes. honestly? actually matt and i had a pretty good tete a tete (accents? how?) about family vacations when we were younger. the general consensus was that only rich kids went on skiing vacations. hence the $60 lift tickets. plus the rental/purchase of your gear and winter get ups ain't 9.99 yo.

completely unrelated: my dad did us a huge solid and picked up all our moving boxes and wrapping paper tonight. even drove me back to the T dot so i didnt have to carry them in my granny cart on the subway. that's love people. family love. :) so now i guess we have no excuse. fuck. who wants to come over and reminisce (totally had to google the spelling of that word, i was waaaaaaaaay off) with me while i pack away last season's trendy duds, my diaries, jogee's collection of fantasy novels, our cds (ugh cd cases are the WORST) and the 10 000 pnds of glassware we have in the kitchen? I will supply you with sarcastic remarks, smoothies and probably some shirts i only wore once. we can also take a break to watch felicity. OMG HOW GOOD DOES THAT SOUND?


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(no i'm not)

mbroszkowski said...

I bookmarked your blog! I'll be reading it more now! Yes to beers this weekend!

highwaisted said...

woooo matt!!!

raymi lauren said...

type in a word in google that has the accent in it, usually fiance or cliche, copy the word and paste it in your post deleting all the letters except for the one with the accent on it, voila! cliché cliché cliché

save me some garbage bag shirts yo i need some new stuff. i will also accept pants.