bristol board. i need it.

I'm going to the raps game tonight with Jimmer, courtesy of jogee's bestie Anthony. I am going to try and touch Calderon again. but more importantly i am going to make a sick sign and get on the jumbotron. do they still call it the jumbotron? that is such a funny word! what the hell should my sign say?

I love you Calderon! - overdone obvi but to the point.

Let me kiss your ankle better Bosh! - too many words.

Hire me to wipe the sweat off the floor! - funny! (and honest)

Break out the Salami and Cheese! - I'll hide this one until the right time obvi.

I need suggestions. like right now cause we're leaving in 2 hours. GO!


raymi lauren said...

this already happened but your sign should have been a play on the word calzone.

Anonymous said...

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