triple destination fantastication!

FRIDAY WHATS UP! I have a ridiculous amount of events to attend this evening sans jogee (siiiigh giver on the slopes you mega babe). Good thing the last 2 are across the street from one another or my cab fund would be off the charts.

1. A little engagement soiree for Jim Bob and Beaner. I am to bring food. If you saw what Hayley made me do last night for her dish she's bringing you will understand why i am buying a bag of cookies on my way and calling it a day.

2. Chali 2na at Revival! guaranteed to be straight up dope.

3. Celebrating this bag full of positive vibes birthday at Mod Club.

god i hope I'm home by 2am.


raymi lauren said...

pop by to see me tonite or tomorrow if you want

beans said...
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beans said...

chick pea race!