thanks AMC!

Jogee finally won a free pass to the movies with his AMC card points when we saw the lovely bones on sunday (bad movie, should of read the book instead), only thing was it expired yesterday so we had to make a pretty heavy decision as to go to the movies and take advantage of the free ticket or go to fan night for the raps at the ACC. Because we're being so responsible with our money we weighed the options... 11 bucks for another movie ticket or 50 bucks for really shitty seats at the raps game. movie won out. it was a tough one. all our raptor friends were at the game and Vanilla Ice was doing the half time show so im sure you can understand the predicament. Movie won out. but after reading about the game last night in my raptors morning update i felt a slight sting of disappointment that we weren't there. ANYWAYS... we saw Sherlock Holmes and holy crap I loved it so hard! Great acting, great story, great cast, a little longer then needed but really really really good. Go see it. That Rachel McAdams is such a friggin babe. and it hink i might even grab some Sherlock Holmes reading material for our vacay next week. it was that good.

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