the bitch is back

you probably missed seeing loads of photos of me all week. here, let me help a brotha out.

this was our last night up in the northsiiiide. we drank pitchers and ate wings and watched basketball. what better way is there to end a vacay? really? Hayley, you are not allowed to answer that question. :)

I should probably give a shout out to some ladies for tipping it off nicely as well.

1. free drinks at pravda
2. free drinks at erin's friends house
3. free drinks at ki
4. free drinks at baby huey

that is a lot of free drinks.

erin plus laura plus alicia equals PARTY TIME.


steph said...

you matched the night perfectly in the first set! coolness.

Kwil said...

Haha I love the photos in the snow.

alana da silva said...

why do you have such an awesome tan?

highwaisted said...

I'm dutch/indonesian/british. it's all natural baby