i want it to be spring. my fashion blood is boiling. i don't know how i feel about this whole super lightweight leather action. will i still sweat? how breathable is it? im guessing not at all. unless you go this route. which i am totally willing to try.

also, this picture is awesome. i am going to recreate it when i get home. we have all the props!

i'm also on the verge of asking jogee to teach me how to play Magic. ON. THE. VERGE.


Kwil said...

i cannot wait for springtime!! i am getting the winter 'blahs' bigtime. i also need to go shopping.

if you recreate that photo i will buy a print of it. for real.

Px said...

embrace nerdery.

Donna Vitan said...

He he he, if you start playing we can start a tournament.

raymi lauren said...

sevigny outfit is SO you. easily.

highwaisted said...

kwil: done. consider yourself an owner of a highwaisted original. (stolen concept original)


raymi: thank you. did you also notice that this outfit totally hides a beer gut and ghetto booty? perfectness.

steph said...

its GOT to be more breathable than pleather though.