we finally started packing! we're preeeeetty much done. except for the basement. and the kitchen. and our bathrooms. so not really done at all. but there are boxes everywhere and all the frames are off the walls so it feeeeels like it. OH IM SO EXCITED!!!

and we hired movers this time. there was no way i was moving any of that shit again.

send me decorating ideas!


alana da silva said...

wait a minute... are you moving to THAT place? or is that where you live now? so confused...

Kwil said...

hello party house!

I feel that packing always sucks but unpacking in a new place is so much fun. good on ya for hiring movers! we're doing that next time too. eff that- struggling with boxes and furniture.

Duke of Spook said...

I've got some Return of the Jedi wallpaper but I'm saving it for whatever baby I end up having

Courtney said...

where are you moving to?

highwaisted said...

oh alana! you silly goose! as if we're moving into puff daddy's house!


DUKE: i will buy that off of you even if it takes me the rest of my life to make enough money to pay you for it.

koot: we're moving like 8 blocks north east of where we are.

kwil! you have to come to our house warming party!