light the candelabra

jogee had never been to casa loma before. i don't think it blew his mind or anything. i think he was hoping it would be more like this:

ya know just older and scarier and more like we're in the tudors.

but it was actually like this:

pretty neat and worth the hour or 2 that we roamed around in there for. maybe not worth the $18 admission... if it was $10 we might have felt a little better about it.

the burrito's we had before this though, man. they were intense. SHRIMP BURRITOS. i think shrimp burritos are making their way into my top 3 favorite foods. right behind watermelon and doritos. mmm dream meal. throw like 5 silver bullets in there or 3 extra large czechvar's and i would be yours forever.


beans said...

finally i know the secret!

raymi lauren said...

you have the best metabolism

highwaisted said...

not gonna lie, my metabolism is tops!