multiple good things happened today despite the fact that i had to work till 7:45pm.

I got a sick grey mani on my lunch

I found my raekwon long sleeve

I forgot I put a bag of lindt chocolates in my bag that my mom gave me cause she can't eat chocolate anymore. i ate every last bit of them slowly to ensure i fully enjoyed every melting minute of them.

i got half baked for $8 on my way home.

i got mad props on my stee's from a stranger who apparently sees me on the regs when im walking to and from work. (on the same 9-5 sched i guess). flattered. majorly.


dee goldie said...

your day just blew my mind. each thing was better than the first and i love all of them individually so i can only imagine how rad they were together. just a manicure and half baked are enough to make my day. or a raekwon shirt AND lindt. but all four together...magical.

highwaisted said...

ah! Dee Goldie! So good to hear from you!

jeremy said...

i usually wait until i'm already home to get half-baked.

Kwil said...

mm chocolate.
i had never even thought of grey for the nails. it looks great!