kick off

Tomorrow is friday. finally. the week before you go on vacation has got to be the longest week of the year. Tomorrow is probably going to be the longest friday of the year. my boss gave me a device that can guess what you're thinking within 20 questions though so i'm pretty sure 18 rounds of that and it'll be 4 o clock before i know it!

There seems to be a ridiculous amount of things going on in the next 72 hours which i will admit are making the kick off to my vacation very very special.

1. Krista's Bday celebrations - This event may mark my first public appearance in karaoke land. I assure you it will be a duo ( Hayley i am looking at you) because my karaoke balls are fairly non existent so i do not foresee a solo happening even after 8 beers.

2. The Wooden Sky are playing at Lee's Palace. giddy up.

3. hilary and paul are coming to town (haha 'coming to town').

4. there is going to be some severely delicious breakfast sandwiches consumed. morning fucking glory. f bomb fully necessary.

5. there's a 30% off sale at the Gap. screw you and your negative views on this timeless classic (not you steph , i know you hate the gap). i love the gap. they make jeans for chicks with ghatto booty ie. me. and they always do plain and basic right. american apparel can suck it. there clothes are the worst quality ever. i only say this because every t shirt i have purchased from that place looks like its been in my wardobe for 7 years after ONE WASH. if you are aware of another timeless clean basic classic available in canada please comment.

6. an old friend who has recently made a dramatic career change is celebrating 30 years at czehoski's. buy a house from him.

7. um the royal winter fair. need i say more? please eat out of my hand you crazy goats.

8. craft off the lot - the fabulous
nicole tarasick will be pillow selling there. get into it.

9. santa clause parade - not only is half the city under construction and every fucking road is undriveable but they are going to close half of the main streets so it is even more difficult to get around. genius. im still coming with you Hayley

10. the ballet. with Hayley . ballin.


steph said...

BAHAHA this post is hilarious.

i COMPLETELY am with you on the american apparel clothes = TOTAL shit. also they fit like shit. i think its caused they're stitched by stoners. just a theory.

this post is awesome.
i hope your vacation is awesome.
you're awesome.

highwaisted said...

awww thanks steph! i just realized i linked everything in that friggin post but your blog! i am a retard! (no offense to anyone who has a mentally challenged individual in their family/friends)

post updated avec link.

ps. you are also awesome. :)

kay zee said...

dood sit on Kilgours patio and watch the parade.

beans said...

i got linked like 56 times! WORD UP!

ps: i love you - #7 has cemented that for eternity.

Nicole said...

yes ali. you rule. thanks for props and the link. i think your side bar still goes to my blog?

Kwil said...

that is quite the kick off. hope you vacation is good times!