doing it up.

someone did me a huge solid last week and granted me a couple spots on the g list for Apostle of Hustle on Thursday. Jogee was feelin the effects of that painting night i posted about a few days ago multiplied by a slight case of the H1N1 so i invited these cats...

i knew i was in for a good night when they met me out front of lee's with an open bottle of wine in their hands.

also bumped into this guy!

show was neat! i forgot how old those guys are. not that they're old but older. for some reason i thought they were my age. but they aren't. oh and they're a two piece now. i liked it. tons of energy. mad props.

My guests were way generous, the drinks were coming fast and free, so naturally i had to ante up and deliver on the after show festivities. and to be honest the only place i know that always has hot chicks and danceable tunes is wherever the jons are... so.... strangelove it was!

every time i tried to get some dude to take pics of me and hot chicks i ended up with pictures of our boobs. LAME. so i deleted them. but here - i stole this one from karalea. babes.

your welcome to the 3 guys that read this. lol. oooo im going to poll male/female readers. let's see what we get!