title struggle


work is a bit mental lately and i am trying to ween myself off the internet this week to prepare for the promise i made to go no internet for 7 days starting this Saturday.

it will be easy, cause i'll be on vacation and keeping it real while maxin and relaxin and essentially just livin the dream.

I'll still have my blackberry though, so i won't have a mental breakdown or anything.
(haha look at that sneaky guy!)

a day of remorse? maybe.

that's a staple outfit right there. it's my go to outfit. minus the grey sweater though. all black, splash of jamaica. it works.

I need to go rip it at the gym now. i drank a 2-4 on the weekend and the guilt trip it threw at me on Sunday hasn't subsided yet, so I'm forced to sweat it out.

sidenote: Have you guys ever been to the Y at Yonge and Wellesley? it's friggin sick. pool, bball, sauna, naked chicks. i recommend it. Hayley and i kicked it breast stroke styles on Saturday and gad damn was it a nice way to spend a saturday afternoon. go to st lawrence market first though and buy some steaks, a couple custard tarts - pure satisfaction.


kay zee said...

are you going away?

Kwil said...

I love your new header banner!

La Dick said...

all black with splash of jamaica. YES.