This dip sucks! Nice costume!

shall we begin?

So Hayley and I got up around 10am and started to halloweenify our digs... smoked a little j to get us through the day - had to do another dollar store drop in, make sure there was an array of chips to get down with. ya know the drill (haha dylan mckay's answering machine message)

that spider was by far the best thing purchased. we actually had to assemble it. there was cutting and twist tieing involved. very intense.

then i think i napped or tried to. way too excited, i was basically smiling with my eyes closed the whole time. got up, grabbed the granny buggy and missioned it to the LCBO to stock up on brewskees. I saw like 5 jokers on the way.

cut to 8pm.

then the peeps just started rolling in!

Jim bob was a costume changer - i counted 5. not really sure what some of them were?

2 people knew who i was... i think i might have to go for an xmen character that's a little more recognizable next year.



Then I did a costume change - that yellow jacket was way annoying and i couldn't text with those gloves.

i knew that $5 dress would come in handy one day. cave girl? kinda? jogee said i needed a club.

ugh! it's hard being a hostess. you only get like 10 minutes with everyone there to hang, chat, smoke, get down, do a shot, take a pic, clean up a spill.. but i do have some highlights... my brother's friends showed up around 1am and one of them was dressed up as a sumo wrestler and i honestly kept asking them where Chris was and i'm not sure who took these pics.. im guessing hayley, but this is the exact time where i ask for the 3rd time why Chris didn't come with them, and after they finished laughing at me for like 5 minutes, they pointed out that Chris was actually the Sumo Wrestler. SO HILARIOUS. can't believe i didn't recognize him...

Sean was a one night stand - could be in my top 3 for best costume. he even had a chinese food restaurant menu with a chicks name on it attached to the night stand!

I was very stoked on the turn out. Party in the front, Party in the back and mini parties throughout the house. God I'm gonna miss my twenties.


Kwil said...

that looked like a crazy good time!!!

kay zee said...

HEY the 30's aren't so bad either :P