i did it! noo iiii diiiidn't

ok so maybe no internet for 7 days was a bit of a ridiculous goal. i did cut it down substantially though. obvi. i havent even posted shit in 7 days here brah. I did take some time to relish in my own blog entries though. i realized i a) post far too much about basketball b)post far too much about hip hop and c) post far too much about basketball and hip hop. so... yeah....

my vacation is off the chain. sleeping in, eating like a king, rippin it at the gym, smoking joint after joint after joint (kidding! i only did that on monday night, then i ran out of weed. haha). productivity was had though. say hello to our new mantel art:

James by Alicia
Alicia by James
Joe by Hayley
Hayley by Joe

chloe. you would have loved this night. i thought about you A LOT.


beans said...


kay zee said...

that is so fun!

Kwil said...


raymi lauren said...

why doesn't chloe blog anymore?

i am wearing your fluorescent green hamburger stoner tank right now i will post a picture so you can say NICE SHIRT.

love burlington.

Chlo said...

oh fun fun fun! let`s do that next time I`m in town!