watching farm animals take deuces

the royal winter fair is a good buzz. a smelly one, but a good one. Hayley and i both noted how much jim and joe would have dug this scene. jim being the true farm boy that he is and jogee always being amused by animals pooing they really missed a day of solid enjoyment. we even ate hot dogs! with sauerkraut! i would have liked to feed a goat or two but they didnt have any 25 cent machines to buy any, and let the truth be told i was scared to get H1N1. i did squish my fingers in a couple puffy sheep though. you gotta do that it feels soo weeeeird!

bringing the country to the city. i like it. i would also like to give mad props to the guy that let us in on a family pass. we all saved $4! party!


Kwil said...

omg, i love these pictures :) you would have loved where i grew up. i lived right beside a goat farm and i used to hang out with the goats after school. is that sad? :)

highwaisted said...

not sad. awesome! they are like dogs. so responsive!

steph said...

GAAHAHAHAHAAA the title alone