victory dance!

so after a highly enjoyable raptors game. ah 20 point lead i love you and how you make me feel.

we went to steamwhistle for a bit. tried to catch dan and kristen, only got about 20 minutes of face time, but well worth it. i miss you buddies!

then believe it or not i convinced jogee to go to the augusta house so we could dance to hiphop/reggae/soca. we lasted a drink. the music just wasn't where it needed to be. Watching some chick dance her heart out ahem tits and ass out about a foot away from the dj's face was enough entertainment though. the amount of emotion that poured out from her, when he completely ignored her, traded off the laptop to his friend and walked to the back to probably hang out with his gf was ridiculous. She was thoroughly bummed that he wasn't digging her vibe. oh and then i made jogee take 800 pictures of me.

he's such a good sport. :)

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