jay spectre is the future

Jimmy has left us. the house vibe just won't be the same for the next couple months. i have no one to speak gangster to and no one to make fun of and no one to teach me how to play the congas when im very very drunk. multiple heavy sighs. I love those congas.

wow i just took this quiz and apparently i am straight up gangsta
Can you speak gangsta?
Your Result: You are a straight up GANGSTER

you should move to Compton if you don't live there already. from the start you knew you where going to pass this test without any problems, this is probably the first test in your whole life that you have gotten a 100% on. good job, now go brag to your baby's mama.

Well at least your not completely incompetent.
You know a thing or two..
Welcome to suburbia!
Gee wilikers! you are white!
You are retarded.
Can you speak gangsta?
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beans said...

oh nice! you are ony just a little bit retarded. everyone needs a dash of that.

that title made me spit my water out. my bedspread is all wet. thanks bud.

highwaisted said...

a lot gangsta a little bit retard. perfs!