live motion

in an effort to not be a complete waste of life while i try to revitalize my immune system i have done the following:

got out of bed. made breakfast. eggs on toast, side of cantaloupe. - gained 250 vitamin c points
took a cold fx - gained 300 immune system points
did all of our laundry - lost 150 immune system points
checked work emails - lost 50 immune system points
uploaded/ing all of the vids on my comp to youtube - gained 30 immune system points (laughed a lot)
made soup, ate it - gained 50 fluid points
made a smoothie, drank it - gained 400 vitamin c points, 150 fluid points
wrapped all the presents we've bought so far - lost 35 immune system points
changed the sheets on our bed - lost 75 immune system points, damn king size bed!
set up the printer/scanner on joe's desk (not done yet, but hoping to do it) - probably lose a lot of immune system points.

so my tally so far is:

vitamin c:
immune system:

i have no idea, i have no energy to add that shit up. are you bored at work? do it for me!

oh and check out this vid. this is by far my fave jay spectre song to date. can't get enough of it.


beans said...

Immune System Points: 20 (yikes!)
Fluid Points: 200
Vitamin C Points: 650

oh my god save me from myself

highwaisted said...

looks like im still in the positives! awesome!

raymi lauren said...

im sick too think my bro is to blame what are your symptoms? i am SO weak.