la bamba

my babysitter took us to see this movie when we were 5 and 7. I specifically remember her telling us not to tell our parents. no point really. i just noticed that this lou diamond philips guy is in some sitcom now. good for him.

jeez i just watched a couple parts of this movie and it is full of violence and swearing and sex. my babysitter was awesome!

oh man that was an intense clip.


Duke of Spook said...

I remember watching that movie when I was really young and waiting and waiting until he finally plays "La Bamba"

Becca said...

DUDE! I just watched this for the first time on the weekend! So good. I didn't even know the ending going into it (I am so smart S M R T)

highwaisted said...

did you love it? i remember loving it. ohhhhh donnna

Becca said...

It's a friggin' sweet movie. My boyfriend was in disbelief that I had not seen it. I loved it all except for that Donna chick. So demanding and way too much of a goody goody!