A friend of mine sent me this email late yesterday afternoon. That's after I cried in the office (embarrassing) and posted something emo as my status on fb. I was having a bad day yesterday.


There's a G44 fundraiser/sale tonight at 401 Richmond. It's also in conjunction with the Ryerson Gallery at 80 Spadina, and a book launch. There will be a pay by the glass Mill Street Organic keg.

I'm getting there for 6ish and staying till about 8ish probably, but it should have some weird and wonderful photos/people/booze."

Had to go. and so glad i went. Chris always manages to inspire me about art and photography and music, gives me the low down on galleries, and a welcome lesson on all of the aforementioned in a perfectly booze infused package.

he also mentioned something about a friend of his who was sending him emails of pics of band posters (his band) from back in the day when he opened for iggy pop, patti smith, the ramones... etc etc. he sent me the link to his stuff today. um. hello. this is awesome.

Then i went home and watched survivor with Jogee. Russell. That guy blows my mind. best survivor player of all time.

Glenn! - let's start planning our final episode party!

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