oh look!

Here I am at the winter fling!

and here is Moonlight for Violet's creator before she left me in a math nightmare!

kidding! but not really. thank god i had a calculator there. How does one become so horrible at math? actually i didn't become horrible I was always just really really bad at it. is it a second child thing? cause my older brother is a genius in math. anyways..i pretty much sweat every time someone bought more then 1 thing which was probably 50% of the time, which means i was basically just sweating the entire time. Math makes me sooo nervous. even at work. as soon as there is anything related to budgets or excel spreadsheets or numbers i clam up.

that craft sale was awesome. I bought something for Hayley's stocking there and some cookies and a broach. ooooo a broach. it will be a moment when i figure out what to wear that with. a classy moment.


annie said...

I am so glad that you just said that out loud! I am grbage at math, BASIC, and I'm afraid to admit it like people will question if I ever actually passed grade 3 AND might secretly think bad/strange of me the way I do when people tell me they dont' watch 30 Rock or something else I think should be obvious.

I am also shit at COUNTING THINGS IN 1S. In 1s!!!!!! It's crazy. I lose track after like 15 and can't remember if I'm on 14 or 16, or 17, fuck, have to start all over. It's hard cause it's TOO repetitive and samey.

highwaisted said...

power to the people!