Here it is. not necessarily in order of want.

1. Air Jordan 5's. the OG 1990 version. size 6.5 in chicks, or 5 in mens. I found them at my ghatto sneaks store on yonge. they're not the OG but they are damn close enough.

2. The sausage guy from the burgertown Kid Robot collection

3. an unlimited starbucks card - don't hate. it's convenient, they're everywhere. and the chick that works at the one beside my work is the best barista on the planet.

4. A trip to Jamaica - no skimping. im talking bedside view of the ocean on a cliff with my own reggae band on call. and maybe this guy.

5. Tickets to 'Hot Chip' for April 20, 2010

6. a DSLR and a class on how to use it. pump it up a notch ya know. this P&S ain't gonna knock my socks off much longer.

7. giant soft towels with my initials stitched in them
damn! 1 letter off!

8. Felicity. the entire collection on blu ray.

9. mani/pedi/wax/facial/massage/tan/haircut/hairdye/body wrap package.

10. um bacon magnets. > YES PLEASE

11. miniatures. i don't care what. anything mini.
holy crap look at them!

what do you guys want?


meredith r. mistletoe said...

wow, I love that Felicity poster. they all look so lovelorn and dreamy...

raymi lauren said...

ill be your hot chip date

sjm said...

I know I'm like, two years late, but I can still get you some Felicity to borrow from my mom's collection. It's DVD not Bluray but hey it's something...is it even on Bluray?

highwaisted said...

yes. give it to me. have we talked about this before?