menswear in full effect

snakeskin table runner! i want it!

a week's worth of menswear outfits. i was pretty drunk when i took these pics but i still think they're gold. it was like catching a pack of lions in the wild! except it was a group of handsome boys dressed well. that sweater jogee is wearing makes me weak in the knees.


meredith r. mistletoe said...

heyy I know everyone has their own cures for colds and stuff but usually I'm the first one hit and it lasts forever, but I haven't been sick yet (soon, I'm sure) this season and I think it's due to taking vitamin d and vitamin c everyday. (I also take a multi-vitamin and a b-complex..) it's a lot but I kind of think it's helping. also totally helping my moods.

highwaisted said...

thanks dude, but i also take all of those everyday. plus i use oil of oregano. my immune system is a piece of shit. always has been.

may the force be with you!

raymi lauren said...

wanting to go thru roots men's sweaters right now (go look dude!)