sing me the blues

i have been hangin in my room being way emo the past couple weeks. can't drink can't smoke cant work out cant taste cant do much of anything but be emo. SO NOT LIKE ME. this shit is off the hizzle ridic. as much as i'd like to get in the holiday groove, i keep getting trumped by this asshole bad buzz vibe. i'm bummed for jogee. he's the closest to it. but that's true love ya know you sign up for the awesome and swim through the shit when it gets too deep to wade through. wow my metaphors are so eloquent. doesn't help that i googled the antibiotics im on and the side effects were: nausea, extreme irritability, abdominal pain and vomiting, facial swelling, headaches, dizziness/motion sickness, rashes, alteration in senses of smell and taste, including a metallic taste that lasts the entire time one takes it. Dry mouth, anxiety, hallucinations, and nightmares. oh and may cause false positives on urine drug screens for cocaine.


i need a dog. and a raise. and the ability to play the bongo's. or just a night out at the octopus lounge listening to R&B and sipping hennessey.


Lauren said...

umm...geez louise what antibiotics are you on?! I feel your pain, this cough will not let me go and everytime I laugh I then have a coughing spell not unlike a 70 year old smoker/whiskey-er. feel better!

Kwil said...

it is times like these i wish i was the one who could bust out a mean harmonica solo.

hope the bad spell passes soon. all you can do is keep your chin up.

raymi lauren said...

um i didn't know you were taking aids medicine wtf are you ill with?

highwaisted said...

Lauren: thanks bud! I hope you feel better too!


Raym's: LOL HAHAHAHAAHAHA bronchitis yo.