did you guys know this exists?

tooth tattoos!

I was talking to one of joe's cousins over the holidays. we started talking about teeth. She's going to school to become a dental hygienist so she gave me the low down on teeth whitening. I'm looking into it. have been for a little while. but because I've had extensive gum surgery I feel like it would be an incredibly bad move. from what i hear your teeth become super sensitive, your gums can be damaged and well im sure there is a load of weird ass chemicals involved that will likely increase your chances of something.

but after we talked about that we talked about tooth tattoos! did you know these exist? they do! im pretty sure i'll need to talk to my dentist about this. and line up a snoop dogg/skull tattoo. is it permanent? is that a dumb question?


Kwil said...

WHAT?! I had no idea.

Alyson said...

Woah wtf. I wish I was still oblivious to this existing.