urban family christmas

i thought i blogged about this already!
James, Hayley, Joe and I have been making a little tradition each year. Urban family christmas!
this year joe made the entire meal. turkey and all. it was so so so succulent.
and James threw together an apple crisp! delish! and hayley made cookies! and i ate it all!
husbands taking care of their wives. im into it.
im also into felicity season 2. felicity overload. ohhhh yeeeaaaaah. well done hayley. best christmas present ever. :) actually hold up. it's a close second to the SIRIUS SATELLITE RADIO that jogee got me. storytime! so a couple years ago we went to yellowknife to visit my bestie Courtney. hi courtney i love you! and her and her husband had satellite radio hooked up in their kitchen. i was instantly addicted. no commercials, new bands i've never heard of, HOWARD STERN! so jogee put it in the vault and blam! bought it for me for xmas. i listened to howard stern all day yesterday. something about that guy. i can't get enough.

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Hi! Love you too!