is it over yet?

so much food
so much booze
so much family
so many places to be
but we managed to squeeze in two nights of debauchery somewhere in there.

Night #1:
holiday comedy party at the comedy bar.
hosted by: Norm Sousa and Cole Osborne
There was a free buffet! i hadn't eaten dinner yet so you can imagine how stoked i was on this.
they had streetfighter II!
Glenn was there!

and Dan came!
and in some drunken flurry i admitted i wanted to do improv and try out for his sketch group. im 100% serious about this. but im not really that funny at all and i have a hard time remembering lines but im still up for the audition if they'll have me! stay tuned!

and i concur matt, i have been getting a lot of "that camera takes amazing pictures!" instead of "YOU take amazing pictures." siiiiigh.

Night #2:

cat party at Alison's friend's digs in the east end. the lovely erin winn was there. you should check out her band HERE!

actually i don't know if that link will work. and i cant find their myspace. but next time you see the strangers playing the t dot go.

after the cat party we went to sneaky dees! rob dyer was djing! essssss club, there aint no party like an s club party! ah memories. joe was in top form and danced to bombs over baghdad with me. oh how i wish we had a video of this.

and seeeeeeeen

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