birthday dinner. lets discuss.

my birthday is my favorite day of the year. i am also an incredibly self centered egomaniac so it makes sense.

in past years i've been all about making it this giant party with costume changes, venue changes, music changes, high expectations, and food that no one eats. This year i'm going to roll with a different approach.

fancy dinner
fancy dress
after dinner tequila for those that are interested.

im a huge tequila fan.

look out for the invite. it's coming to a facebook near you. and if we're not friends on that yet email me - highwaisted@gmail.com

january birthdays are shite cause they're right after christmas, its cold and for some reason everyone always forgets about them. But now that Spaghetti and Megatron share my birthday month, things are gonna get real. do you think they'll let them come to the tequila bar?


meredith r. mistletoe said...

mmm tequila tonics. my favouritefavourite. also, it is my birthday riiiiiight now!

Raymi Lauren said...


jun said...

January birthday's ARE kinda shite. I only get ONE gift that's a combination of Christmas and Birthday. Just because my birthday is a couple of days after new years.