NYC. someone give me a job there im ready and willing to move anytime.

seriously could not love new york more. it has everything i want and more. except i wish toronto was in manhatten. i think it's totally doable. we could squish it up in the upper west end or something. who's with me on this?

ok honeymoon post lets get started. god i can't wait till i stop writing about wedding related things. it seems like this thing trails on forever. don't get me wrong its all gravy but i feel like it consumed my life enough a month ago, but apparently it just keeps going and going and going. we still have gifts to pick up from our registry and thank you cards to write! that's gonna drag it out at least another 2 weeks. moving on....

we flew porter. the flight there was awesonine awes (whoa that's a word created by a bf from like 7 years ago, how random). seriously though if porter has a flight instead of pearson i reco it. well i reco it based on my experience on the way there but i highly DO NOT recommend it based on the way back.

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