we like to party, we like, we like to party

and oh man did we ever.

1. The Jane Hotel - radical reco from hannah and Justin despite my reservations that it might be too young for us.
2. The Bowery Hotel - celebrity sighting galore - Kirsten Dunst, Zach Braff, Annette Benning, Ben Harper. Totally worth the $15 drinks.
3. Lit Lounge - dirtiest most disgusting bathroom i have seen in my life. there was blood on the toilet! will upload pic when i get home. I'm stealing pics from my fb right now so the quality will likely be slightly shittier then the OG vers. amazing amazing party though and totes hilarious that when we rolled up we realized we had already been there with case and maris 2 years prior. weeeird. again solid reco from Justin and Leo was such a dollface.


alana da silva said...

i lived in new york for 5 years and i only saw Carson from Queer Eye. hate you, honeymooners! ha ha ha ha...

Raymi Lauren said...

you are so good looking thanks for representing canada and holdin down like that

Highwaisted said...

raymi - i give your comment 10 out of 10!

thanks you little babe