fireplace shananigans

we have a fireplace in our house. like the real deal with real logs and everything. we had it cleaned in august or september or something totally stoked about raging campfires in our house when the winter came but apparently it's totally broken.

the first fire we had turned into a smoke fest. and the cats got black shit all over their paws. then hayley and james had one that i heard about that worked but then we had another one over the weekend and the same bullshit went down - smokefest. This one took the cake. and jogee had just finished 5 loads of laundry which we opted to not clean again despite the campfire smell on them. what is wrong with our fireplace people? someone explain this to us?!

anyways i learned that i am extremely allergic to smoke. and for the rest of the weekend i felt like i had just rubbed my face in a pile of freshly cut grass, that yellow plant i forget the name of right now, and a bucket of cat and dog dander. my nose would not stop dripping and my eyes felt like they hadn't felt sleep in a week. ANYWAYS because of these shananigans my nose is all chapped and sore. and i couldnt find any vaseline so i used a chapstick to rub all over it for the walk in this morning...threw it in my bag for later application and just recently grabbed it again from my bag, reapplied and realized i grabbed some other chapstick that was in my bag that's 'invigorating green tea mint' flavor. MY NOSE IS BURNING RIGHT NOW.

no point to this story. it is fucking cold out. i had to wear long johns today and my new cougar boots (which i thought were supes comfy until i walked 30 mins in them in high speed and ripped the shit out of ankles). i hope they get worked in, cause they are insanely warm.

ok posse out. i have some leftover tuna casserole in the fridge that jogee threw together yesterday. it's the best tuna casserole i have ever eaten.


krista zee said...

my ankles are SHREDDED from my Sorels.
the same thing happened last year- the "break in".

don't worry- bandage the crap outta your ankles, put the Cougs to rest for a few days and then when you try again they will be better after about 1-2 more wears.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the vent in your flue/chimney wasn't open! Especially since the other two were successful in their fire attempts.
- Lisa

Highwaisted said...

we opened the flue. we are not that dumb.

Highwaisted said...

but thanks for the comment!

Highwaisted said...

hey KZ - yeah i think me feet are on the mend. bandaged and polysporin and good to go.