birthday high tea on a snowy saturday

spent the afternoon at the park hyatt with my mom and her bestie. cup after cup of perfectly brewed tea and the most delicious scones and cream.

I walked home from silver dollar last night. it was snowy and mild and beautiful and quiet out. it's so much better with snow isn't it? saw dirty mags. they were great! and got to hear some of the kanye album (that i so desperately want to hate but love) in kev's caddy. thank you for the ride kev!

im beyond sick right now. i don't remember what it feels like to breathe through your nose.


Anonymous said...

We're so happy you enjoyed High Tea with us at the Park Hyatt Toronto!

Orsolya Soos
Public Relations & Marketing Manager
Park Hyatt Toronto

Highwaisted said...

no thank you! Fantastic service and so delicious!