toiletry throw down.

I don't really make resolutions. i never keep them so i figure why make them. hell i just made a deal with myself to not drink booze till my birthday and that went down the toilet last night along with 4 white wine spritzers. siiiigh.

i am however making some major life changes this year...

1. we're moving.
2. I'm taking a night course at Ryerson U.
3. I'm trying to make a solid effort to replace all of my toiletries with all natural alternatives.

Here's what I've changed so far:

Toothpaste - I'm usually a colgate kinda girl but after all these flouride shananigans - I'm lookin at you Courtney. I've decided to give The Green Beaver a try. Frosty mint for my pearly whites. Used it for about a week and noticed I was getting a weird green film on my teeth. WTF? so I switched back to the colgate until I can speak with my Dentist about this sitch. However I will say that this Green Beaver stuff tastes and feels amazing in my mouth - way better then Tom's.

Body Soap - I'm a big fan of Zest and Irish Spring but I'm tossing that to the side and it has been replaced with an all natural alternative that my boss bought me for xmas. I'm on the second bar - that shit runs out fast. but it smells damn amazing and doesnt leave my skin dry as all hell. I threw out the packaging though so i have no idea what it was. im pretty sure any health food store will have it though.

Shampoo and Conditioner - I switch this up whenever the bottle is empty. I've never found a shampoo/conditioner that i love and want to stick with but we're trying out Nature's Gate Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and Conditioner right now and it seems to be doing the job. Smells just like the Aveda Rosemary Mint guy but I'm finding it leaves my hair a little dry. I might have to look into the moisturizing version.

Face wash - we already talked about this one - a reco from my friend Erin - Juice beauty. I'll be honest I havent read the ingredients on this on or done any research so this might not be all natural but so far i totally love it. Removes your make up, makes your face feel amaze and smells great.

Deodorant - went for the Tom's version. wore it 3 or 4 days over the holidays and man I don't know if I can make this transition. Your pits smells like the pits and it has zero effect on the sweating situation. and im a sweater. so I'm gonna try and rock it on the weekends and i guess as much as i can throughout the winter but there's no way this is gonna work in the summer.

that's all i got so far. now i just need to find replacements for my body lotion, face cream, nail polish, nail polish remover, hair dye, concealer, powder, blush, mascara, lip gloss and hair smoother. lawdamercy!


Kwil said...

oh man i tried the tom's deodorant stuff and it gave me a gigantic itchy rash. i was scratching my pits raw for weeks even after i stopped using it!
i tried! but never again. i have been using the degree nature effects since. i like.

Anonymous said...


I wear toms but I smell rotten. Joe always tells me to put my arms down. Ha. There is one I heard of but I can't remember the name. Will get back to you. My hippie experts say it works well.

leiko shmz said...

I gave up antiperspirant a year ago and tried Tom's and the Crystal. The Crystal works much better than Tom's. But I found something way better but it costs $20. It's worth it. Lavanila Deodorant (Vanilla Lavender). Totally works for me! You can get it at Sephora.

Highwaisted said...

ooooo im all over that leiko!

thanks guys!

annie said...

I really love http://well.ca/products/desert-essence-organics-coconut_15363.html. I find there's quite a few good organicy lip balms and glosses out, they're pretty easy to come by, DO NOT GET this:

it balooows. I really like Aveda's shampoos, smells great, feel great and lotsa leafy hippie ingfredients.