Bury me in my own tears

im pretty sure i win most emo title of all time with that one.
i turned 29 over the weekend.
i talked to a client of mine today and had that horrifically boring mundane first 2 minute conversation about how our weekends were and what we did until i could get into what i needed to talk to her about. don't get me wrong. this client is solid. and she proved her solidness today when she said "my husband cried when he turned 29. i get it."

i had a silent sigh of relief and then i told her about yet another thing that went wrong with her ad plan.

so back to my birthday.

it's been a month of bad days so it was nice to have a good day. and i knew it would be a good day before it was a good day so it was an extra good day.

woke up at 6am. poked joe and made sure he knew it was my birthday. then had to go back to sleep for 3 hours cause he wasn't ready to celebrate yet.

woke up 3 hours later. and then joe and hayley and james made me this piece of heaven.

and i drank a half cup of sweet glorious coffee.

sidenote: coffee gives me extreme anxiety/panic attacks. i can't drink it. but i fucking love the taste of it.

this cup of coffee didn't effect me. thank god.
then i had a nap
a shower
and got ready for our dinner at woodlot.

early reservations.
they only do 2 seatings
one between 5 and 6:30 and a second somewhere between 7 and 8:15. i think 8:15 is their last seating.
makes sense. their kitchen is tiny. and it ensures you're being kept on top of.

we had the potato white fish salad and the beet arugula white bean salad.

and some beers.

and then the duck cabbage rolls and the ham and chicken pot pie.


we talked about my sirius satellite radio and how it's changing my life. maybe if its just for an hour in the morning. but still changing my life. and we talked about the future. and then we talked about how the cup of cappucino and chocolate dessert was a bad idea because i fell into the deepest panic anxiety attack i have had in a good 3 months. this girl cannot handle caffeine. at all. except for maybe when im at home and with my besties and have absolutely nothing to do.

SO ANYWAYSSS. i deep breathed through it. we paid the bill, said goodbye to our new friends that were sitting beside us and thought we both worked in the music industry (must have been all the sirius satellite radio talk) and started to mission it in the snow to reposado.

stopped at a book store. joe tried to hold my attention. it worked. or somewhat worked. and then we set up shop at reposado. and this my friends is where the world of wonderment began.

my posse is tight right now. real tight.

i give reposado 8 out of 10. it's small, so it's squishy. but the tequila is on point, the service is stellar and the back patio is right on the money. thanks justin christie for the reco!

and then we went to dan's and made a couple star wars videos cause he just bought a light saber.

joe is editting them right now. stay tuned. joe blew me away with his star wars darth vader acting skills. it was unrizzle.

matt lent me his flash. thanks matt!



Raymi Lauren said...

caffeine on the day of a big event don't do it. the stress of the event (your bday gathering) fuels the anxiety.

twenty nine, feelin fine.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great time. You still look 21!! Whats your secret? Happy belated.

Highwaisted said...

i hear that raym's. worst idea eveeeerrrr

thanks anon. but im sure if you saw me in person you might agree i look 29.