lotsa crazy weird life changing things happening up in here.
i get incredibly anxious about change but i actually truly loooooove it.
have you guys thought about summer lately? for some reason at some point tonight i had this overwhelming feeling of this summer and how wonderful it's going to be.
i also booked a trip to Vegas today. that miht have had something to do with it. it's bachelorette related. mmmm debauchery!

i finally brought home my ipod uploader cord thing and put this album on it.

howard is going to have to take a back seat for a day or two. im going to over listen to this album until i don't like it anymore. i feel like it's fitting for those dark cold snowy mornings.

hayley made some ginger molasses cookies the other day. they are to die for. impeccably perfectly delicious. i think i could eat them for breakfast lunch and dinner and still want one as a snack when i go to bed. oh god need to get one right now...

ok i need to read a 67 page research document now. don't worry i just poured myself a giant glass of wine and im hoping it gets me through it.

night lovelies!

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