midnight fireworks?

i love the midnight kiss at new years. there's so much energy in it. it feels like a little firework goes off. and then you look into each others eyes for that half second and realize you just felt the same firework and holy crap welcome to my new emo blog!

we had a party at our digs (what else is new). i ended up djing for hmm 80% of the night? i kept trying to pass it off to someone else but no one wanted to get into it. so i basically had an ipod, phone, beer, camera and lip gloss in my hands the entire night. being a dj is difficult. you are basically holding the party in your hands. any shitty song selection and you could potentially lose the entire crowd. sending mad props to my dj friends.

i was thoroughly stoked on the dance party that went down after midnight. not so stoked on the gut rot that i got from the feelawful (falafel) that i ate on yonge street at 4am though.

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