embracing the winter

this is a struggle for me every year. I hate the winter. I hate the cold. I hate snow. I hate ice. I hate winter fashion. I hate winter boots. I hate the giant winter depression slump i fall in. Pretty much just hate it all. so every year i chip away at the negativity and try to embrace the worst season of the year. so i went SKATING! in Nathan Phillips Square with my little brother and his gf despite the cold warnings. majorly majorly fun. I might even make it a regular thing. I'll have to buy skates though, can't borrow haylstorms all the time or ill never be able to skate with her. and from what i hear she is a very positive vibe on the rink.

joe surprised me. he is a fantastic skater. i was shocked. we're going on 4 years and we've never skated together. i wonder what other tricks he has up his sleeves?


annie said...

yah no winter blows! you're a trooper

raymi lauren said...

im bringing ankle skating back

Kwil said...

looks like fun!!!!
i'm breaking my skates out this winter for sure.

steph said...

aw ever cute!
i went skating again for the first time since i was a kid- so fun!

Trista said...

aw this reminds me of when kyle and i used to go skating last winter. this year to conquer our depressive slump we've discovered the dog park! so wicked. but skating, aw, going to have to relive skating.