day in the life on a sunday with me specifically today:

7am - wake up curse the ceiling for having a skylight, think about peeing, turn the other way and put scorch over my head to block the sun
10am - wake up, pee, go back to bed
11am - wake up, turn on the tv, watch rupauls drag show
11:15am - jogee wakes up, goes pee, comes back to bed, laughs at rupaul
11:30am - get out of bed, go downstairs, start making breakfast, eggs, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, toast, raspberries, orange juice. attempt to make coffee with no filters. clean up entire counter and coffee maker when homemade filter doesnt work out.
12:00pm - clean the entire house, vacuum, wash floors, comet the sink, start doing some laundry, iron a shirt.
1:30pm - peel jogee off the couch, get him to do the dishes, and put running clothes on.
2:30 ish - go for a run in cabbagetown, spot at least 8 open houses, double back and check them out all sweaty and disgusting looking.
4:30pm - come home, shower, turn the bbq on, make a salad, eat doritos
5:30 ish - eat sausage on a bun, doritos, and salad
6:00pm - blog the most boring post you can think of about your sunday.

i friggin love the spring, i also friggin love waking up without a hangover, and also having absolutely nothing to do all weekend.

did i mention jogee bought me a st patty's day bouquet? hahahahaha its all green, and it smells like summer.

what is the plan for Tuesday?? greeenbeerparty!


Duke of Spook said...

We have a skylight as well. You should invest in a sleeping mask. It blocks the light and you look soooooo cool

raymi lauren said...

this did not turn out to be an island post

raymi lauren said...

omg island anniversary like last year first hot sunny day?

highwaisted said...

yes duke, i keep tellingmyself to pick one of those up and ALWAYS forget. i think im going to get it tattooed on my hand.

rayms - yeah we never made it to the island...cabbagetown was a very very close second to a hippy day so we went with that. :)

kay zee said...

yum, island

Vee said...

i love rupaul's drag race.

ongina is my fave.

beans said...

Yeah why does our coffee maker leak like a mofo now? the filters are above the fridge my love